Mars 2012

FIDAE 2012
From March 27 to April 1, Eurocopter will be part of the FIDAE International Air and Space Show in Santiago, at the Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport. Two aircraft from the Ecureuil family will be performing exhibition flights during the show. Also spotlighted at FIDAE will be a 1/5 scale model of Eurocopter’s X3 plane-hybrid demonstrator, which combines the excellent vertical...Lire l’article
HAC 2012
Helicopter Association of Canada 2012 Convention & Trade Show is going to close its doors After three productive days at the Helicopter Association conference in Ottawa, that's now the end of the trade show. The spirit of the dynamic industry was shared during the conference. Innovation, safety and best practices were key themes for the trade show, technical sessions and committee meetings...Lire l’article
Eurocopter Canada Limited (ECL) announced the sale of an enhanced AS350 B3e to Coast to Coast Helicopters group – a utility helicopters group. The aircraft will be operated by one of the group’s operators: Mustang Helicopters. “The high-performance AS350 B3e offers versatility, space and updated safety features that are well suited for Coast to Coast’s variety of utility missions,” said Guy...Lire l’article
Innovation Eurocopter ad and Services one are part of the booth design. Customers and partners appreciate the new campaign launched during Heli-Expo in Dallas. Discover it on eurocopter.comLire l’article
During the Helicopter Association of Canada (HAC) conference luncheon with 600 attendees, Eurocopter Canada presents the first “Innovation in Safety” award to Mr. Geoff Goodyear, President and Chief Operating Officer, Universal Helicopters Newfoundland Limited (UHNL). Committee members have selected an outstanding individual in Mr. Geoff Goodyear who personifies what Eurocopter Canada’s...Lire l’article
HS Capital Inc. and Eurocopter Canada finalize an agreement to partner; the Helicopter Financial Specialists HS Capital to provide complete financing solutions. “We are confident that the partnership with HS Capital will give Eurocopter owners and operators financing options that can assist customers with business opportunities today and in preparation for future contracts,” cited Guy Joannes,...Lire l’article
Eurocopter Canada delivers the AS350 B2 to Héli-Boréal Inc. Héli-Boréal Inc. has selected the AS350 B2 as its eighth Eurocopter helicopter. The aircraft was delivered by Eurocopter Canada Limited (ECL) on March 16, 2012 and will be used to expand Héli-Boréal’s work in mining exploration; hydro surveying and maintenance missions. “The proven AS350 B2 has become renowned for its versatility,” said...Lire l’article
The AS350 B3e will support Peak Aviation’s growing fleet of Eurocopter aircraft Today, Peak Aviation Inc. has selected the AS350 B3e to assist with its mining, fire and long-lining missions. The sale by Eurocopter Canada Limited (ECL) will mark Peak Aviation’s fourth Eurocopter product, including two EC130 B4s and one AS350 B3. “The AS350 B3e is the best single engine aircraft for the type of...Lire l’article
HAC 2012
Today at 8.00, Helicopter Association of Canada (HAC) opens its doors in a customer friendly atmosphere. Customers exchange ideas with marketing representatives around the exhibited mock-ups EC130 and EC225. Discovering the new iPad to and the Eurocopter Canada App launched yesterday on the stand, today watch a video loop including the X 3 3D film and the 20th Anniversary.Lire l’article