EC145 T2 Demos in the U.S.

Following a stop at the Heli-Expo air show in Las Vegas, the EC145 T2 began its own demo flight tour in the U.S. After a few flights in Las Vegas itself, the newest version of the proven EC145 continued on to California for a series of demo flights with electrical companies.

The first stop was in Los Angeles, with Southern California Edison (SCE). This company, which operates a Eurocopter-only fleet, performed with Eurocopter a benchmark of electrical line operations in the US compared with those in France.

They then were able to test fly the EC145 T2, which is very much appreciated for its exceptional hot & high as well as One Engine Inoperative (OEI) performances.

The EC145 T2 also travelled to Sacramento for additional demo flights, and will now travel to American Eurocopter in Grand Prairie, Texas. The final step of its demo tour will be in New Iberia, Louisiana, for the Oil & Gas symposium.